Permanent Caches
There will be 20 new caches placed in the surrounding area for you to find and log.  They will be released the weekend of the event. Monitor the new cache publications at
Adventure Lab Caches
There will be five sets of Adventure Lab Caches this year.  One set will be released each day starting on Wednesday Feb 1 with the last released the day of the main event, Feb 5. To do the Adventure Lab caches, you will need a smartphone (Android or IOS) with the Adventure Lab app installed.
For general information about Adventure Lab Caches, click here.
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Check back here each release day AFTER 9:00 AM for a web link (that you can select on your phone) to take you to the released Adventure Lab.
Feb 1 - The Ghastly Ghost of Yuma Pioneer Cemetery
Feb 2 - The Case of the Missing Geocache
Feb 3 - Murals in and around Yuma
Feb 4 - Yuma Area Emergency & Support Services (2023)
Feb 5 - Yuma Trivia Pursuits